Class of 2018 Induction

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The Golden Apple teachers inducted into the Teacher Academy in May 2018 were Rachel Huetson of Nelson Elementary; Katherine Koehler of Ledewood Elementary, Gabriela Nuzez-Reagan, of Seth Whitman Elementary, Ashley Schwabero of Prairie Hill School and Lance Tuula of Whitman Post Elementary. The Golden Apple Foundation is thrilled to recognize their excellence and we could not be more excited to have them join the esteemed Teacher Academy.


Teacher Academy Program News

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Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for Academy members to come together to support the Foundation and each other. Members volunteer to distribute apples to schools on Apple for the Teacher Day; evaluate Golden Apple Teacher nominee portfolios; observe nominee classrooms; interview nominees; and induct new Academy members. They also help with the annual Excellence in Education banquet, including activities leading up to it and the post-event tear-down and evaluation. We look to members of this elite group of educators to mentor other teachers and to share their best practices in guiding the students in our community.

The Golden Apple Teacher Academy hosted five professional development sessions in 2016-17 for elementary and secondary teacher peers. Sessions include information pertinent to the common core and the PARCC. Professional development credits are available.  With presentations by both an elementary and a secondary teacher, topics included: Managing Your Classroom: Climate Control,  which highlighted student-teacher interaction strategies, structure and discipline; Managing Your Classroom: Tech Trends, which promoted blending technology with curriculum, interactive online classroom management and free web-based apps; and Reaching Every Student, which provided ways to adjust teaching strategies in multicultural/ELL classrooms,  to empower students by engaging them in their learning, and to maximize understanding and achievement. In February, the 2016 recipient of the Investing in Excellence program, Renee Schott of Jefferson High School, spoke about lessons she learned at Harvard Graduate School of Education’s New and Aspiring School Leaders Program regarding facilitating change. The final session, You’ve Got This, Part Two; Keeping the Lid On offered tips to keep both teachers and students happy and productive to the last day of school, to rejuvenate yourself and your classroom and to plan for next year. 


Other News:  Class of 2017 Induction



The Golden Apple teachers inducted into the Teacher Academy on May 18, 2017, were: Tom Freesmeier of Harlem Middle School, Linda Julian of Willowbrook Middle School, Sarah Schaefer of Roosevelt CEC, Jared Young of Belvidere North High School and Julie Thomas of Harlem High School. They teach social studies, music, science, business and Spanish and range in tenure from 6 to 39 years in the education field. Combined, this class of Golden Apple Teachers represents 75 years of teaching! The Golden Apple Foundation of Rockford is thrilled to have these teachers in our Winnebago and Boone county schools and to recognize their efforts.