2004-2005 Golden Apple Grant Awards

Total Awarded: $7,505

DUI Goggles

An engaged learning project that encourages high school freshmen to refrain from drunk driving through the use of goggles designed to replicate being under the influence of alcohol.

  • Amount Awarded: $650
  • Teacher Name: Diana Singletary
  • School: Guilford High School

Teens to Twenties: Adopting Healthy Lifestyles

High School aged students research and implement strategies to deal with stress, eat more nutritiously, create a practical exercise plan and monitor their blood pressure.

  • Amount Awarded: $700
  • Teacher Name: Lori Drummond-Cherniwchan, Diane Lawe & Dan Siriann
  • School: Auburn High School

Galapagos Outpost

A multi-disciplinary project for 4th graders that incorporates art, music, math, science, reading and geography to study the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,000
  • Teacher Name: Kevin Talbott
  • School: Brookview Elementary School

Native Plantings Service Project

This project will create a planting of native grasses and wild flowers. It is a collaborative community service project with local experts and Midway Village designed to model for 8th graders the concept of community service through the study and application of plant and biological science.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,000
  • Teacher Name: Christina Magee
  • School: Eisenhower Middle School

Family Literacy Project

Utilizing the Parent & Child Together program of the Literacy Council, this project unites parents and kindergarten children in the wonder of reading for lifelong enjoyment and enrichment.

  • Amount Awarded: $930
  • Teacher Name: Donene Sand
  • School: Stiles Elementary School

Better Choices

A hands-on learning project that challenges middle school students to make appropriate choices on diet and exercise.

  • Amount Awarded: $650
  • Teacher Name: William James Starling
  • School: CAPA @ Ellis Arts Academy

Yoga for Special Needs Students

The project will create a safe atmosphere in which high school aged students with special needs can learn the physical manifestations of stress while learning an exercise discipline that they can apply throughout their lives.

  • Amount Awarded: $550
  • Teacher Name: Cecile Flowers & Ann Dooley
  • School: Auburn High School

B.U.G. (Being Unusually Good)

A program which creates a positive school climate based on "catching" students who make good behavioral and academic choices.

  • Amount Awarded: $750
  • Teacher Name: Suzanne Hollander
  • School: Jackson Elementary School

Big Books for Non-Fiction

Through the use of big books, this program will model Read Aloud and Shared Reading components to increase the reading comprehension of non-fiction material among K-5 classrooms.

  • Amount Awarded: $240
  • Teacher Name: Jeanne Marinelli
  • School: Welsh Elementary School

Walk out at lunch

Using the group dynamic of teacher and peer achievement, this program will develop awareness, internal motivation, and good eating habits of 6th graders in order to improve their own health and fitness.

  • Amount Awarded: $470
  • Teacher Name: Karen Bieschke & Rita Laskonis
  • School: West Middle School