2005-2006 Golden Apple Grant Awards

Total Awarded: $7,925

Sock Monkeys-Fiber Art & History

Developing a connection to Rockford’s manufacturing history while creating individual sock monkeys for display. A collaborative project with Midway Village.

  • Amount Awarded: $650
  • Teacher Name: Adriana Villagomez
  • School: RESA

Precision Drawing-Drafting

Developing problem solving skills, basic math and geometric skills while enhancing creativity through creative drafting projects.

  • Amount Awarded: $800
  • Teacher Name: Mark Sargent
  • School: Auburn H.S.

Making Affixes & Suffixes Fun

Improving vocabulary development and comprehension through creative approaches to dissecting multisyllabic words and understanding basic prefixes and suffixes.

  • Amount Awarded: $275
  • Teacher Name: Michele Frazier
  • School: CAPA @ Ellis Arts Academy

First Aid & CPR Certification

Providing students with skills necessary to achieve CPR & First Aid Certification while aiding students to build self-confidence and recognize responsibilities of certification.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,050
  • Teacher Name: Dan Siriann
  • School: Auburn H.S.

Document Based History

Understanding events and trends that have shaped the history of Illinois, the USA and other nations through historical source document study.

  • Amount Awarded: $650
  • Teacher Name: Teresa Turner
  • School: Barbour Language Academy

Physics Demonstrations

Establishing a working knowledge of physics while working collaboratively with the Discovery Center to provide demonstrations of real world applications of physics concepts.

  • Amount Awarded: $829
  • Teacher Name: Janette Aschim
  • School: RESA

Kinder Math Buddies

Increasing math achievement through multi-age interactions using math related literature, manipulatives and hands-on-math activities.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,440
  • Teacher Name: Julia Gallagher, Julia Heinzeroth
  • School: Whitehead

Spanish Literacy w/Parents

Building a foundation of academic interaction between parents and students while building a strong foundation of literacy skills in Spanish.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,469
  • Teacher Name: Jill Marinosci
  • School: Fairview Early Education Center

"Brevity, Soul, and Wit: Harnessing the Power of the Short Story to Engage Freshman Readers."

Fostering a love of reading employing literature circles and utilizing short story anthologies.

  • Amount Awarded: $762
  • Teacher Name: Lori Drummond-Cherniwchan, Jessica Englert, Paul Goddard, Tiffany Sago-Gray
  • School: Auburn H.S.