2006-2007 Golden Apple Grant Awards

Total Awarded: $7,380

B.U.G. (Being Unusually Good)

Creating a positive school climate based on "catching" students making good behavioral & academic choices.

  • Amount Awarded: $500
  • Teacher Name: Pam Herriott
  • School: Jackson Elementary


Developing problem solving skills, basic math and geometric skills while enhancing creativity through creative drafting projects.

  • Amount Awarded: $385
  • Teacher Name: Mark Sargent
  • School: Auburn H.S.

Physical Fitness and Math

Evaluating & improving physical fitness while using critical math skills.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,440
  • Teacher Name: Michelle Van Aken
  • School: Ellis Arts Academy

Listening Centers

Promoting early literacy standards for English language learners through listening centers.

  • Amount Awarded: $750
  • Teacher Name: Gail Wallens
  • School: Fairview School

Student Mentoring

Improving behavioral and academic achievement of struggling students with special needs through individual mentoring.

  • Amount Awarded: $500
  • Teacher Name: Christina Magee
  • School: Eisenhower M.S.

Making Cheese

Increasing chemistry students’ knowledge of organic chemical reactions, food processing, handling and manufacturing, through the process of making cheese.

  • Amount Awarded: $550
  • Teacher Name: Stephen Webber & Sue Koch
  • School: Auburn H.S.

Understanding Nutrition

Increasing knowledge of nutrition through cross-curricular units while involving families.

  • Amount Awarded: $840
  • Teacher Name: Chalea Walters
  • School: Hillman Elementary

"Time and Time Again"

Increasing positive self esteem, & team building while developing carpentry, sewing and creative skills through the production and presentation of a musical comedy.

  • Amount Awarded: $300
  • Teacher Name: Carolyn Grune
  • School: Kennedy M.S.

Family Math Night

Improving math skills while fostering positive family interaction.

  • Amount Awarded: $160
  • Teacher Name: Nancy Otwell & Claudia Marshall
  • School: Bloom School

"Camp Read-A-Lot"

Improving reading skills and increasing student’s awareness of how necessary reading is for everyday life while increasing students’ desire to read during the summer.

  • Amount Awarded: $350
  • Teacher Name: JoAnne Sandman
  • School: Cherry Valley Elementary

Family Literacy

Increasing parental involvement in their children’s literacy achievement.

  • Amount Awarded: $600
  • Teacher Name: Renee Guse
  • School: Whitehead Elementary