2007-2008 Golden Apple Grant Awards

Total Awarded: $6,700

Listening Centers

Building essential skills for academic and recreational reading while engaging in authentic reading activities.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,000
  • Teacher Name: Annette Sword-Peterson
  • School: Bloom School

Electrical Wiring

Developing an understanding of safe electrical wiring methods utilizing hands on activities.

  • Amount Awarded: $400
  • Teacher Name: Mark Sargent
  • School: Auburn H.S.

National Economy

Increasing math, problem solving skills and an understanding of our national economy through a working economic model.

  • Amount Awarded: $650
  • Teacher Name: Sheri Kennerly
  • School: Marsh School

Geography/World Cultures

Researching, and learning about Canadian Provinces/Territories and creating PowerPoint presentations to share with others.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,050
  • Teacher Name: Pam Brooks
  • School: RESA

Mural Painting

Uniting students through the creation of a wall mural painting that depicts the culture of the school and emphasizes the goal of education.

  • Amount Awarded: $650
  • Teacher Name: Judi Snyder
  • School: Roosevelt Alternative H.S.

Vocabulary Development Program

Improving performances in reading by increasing vocabulary.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,000
  • Teacher Name: Ronnie Bazan
  • School: Stiles School

Magic Cube Project

Increasing problem solving, math skills, knowledge of graphic design and self-esteem through the creation of original designs and the production of a magic cube.

  • Amount Awarded: $375
  • Teacher Name: Kyle Wolfe
  • School: Roosevelt Alternative H.S.


Increasing knowledge of organic & inorganic chemical reactions, through the making of soap.

  • Amount Awarded: $750
  • Teacher Name: Stephen Weber & Scott Grey
  • School: Guilford H.S.

Spring Forth With Books

Increasing recreational reading within families & improving reading comprehension.

  • Amount Awarded: $550
  • Teacher Name: JoAnne Sandman
  • School: Cherry Valley School

Roller Coasters

Developing knowledge and understanding of kinetic & potential energy, friction, gravity and momentum through building of roller coaster loops.

  • Amount Awarded: $275
  • Teacher Name: Pam Miner
  • School: Marsh School