2008-2009 Golden Apple Grant Awards

Total Awarded: $7,575


Discovering math, Japanese culture, science, and social skills through the ancient art form of origami.

  • Amount Awarded: $700
  • Teacher Name: Nancy Spahr
  • School: Lathrop Elementary School

Pen-Pal Writing Program

Incorporating writing, language and reading while giving students a global situation in which to use and improve all three skills.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,400
  • Teacher Name: Claudia Marshall
  • School: Bloom Elementary School

Buddy Bags

Improving reading skills in Spanish and English including fluency, vocabulary, comprehension while increasing parental involvement.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,500
  • Teacher Name: Jennifer Peterson
  • School: Barbour Language Academy

Great Students, Great Science

Rekindling an excitement for science through special science days, utilizing valuable science experiments.

  • Amount Awarded: $1,000
  • Teacher Name: Richard Toppe
  • School: Brookview Elementary School

Lending Library

Improving early reading skills allowing students to choose books within their reading level to take home each night to read with family.

  • Amount Awarded: $400
  • Teacher Name: Julie Stacionis
  • School: Rolling Green Elementary School

Spanish Books for Bilingual Students

Enhancing the development of students’ reading and writing skills in both English and Spanish through book making.

  • Amount Awarded: $300
  • Teacher Name: Sarah Reinold
  • School: Washington Elementary School

Elementary Speech Competition

Developing organizational skills and increasing self confidence while demonstrating skills in the art of public speaking.

  • Amount Awarded: $750
  • Teacher Name: Laura Lawson
  • School: Washington Academy

Can You Hear Us Now

Empowering students to share their writing through a project designed to give immediate visual support allowing success for all young writers.

  • Amount Awarded: $625
  • Teacher Name: Cindy Kinsley, Vicki Chance, Kelly Pausig
  • School: Brookview Elementary School

Literature Discovery Bags

Creating a vital home-school literacy link by providing creative individualized reading materials designed to include families.

  • Amount Awarded: $900
  • Teacher Name: Laura Wanke
  • School: Pecatonica Elementary School